gay little grommets?

is it me or are these season's yahoos kinda "meh" in the talent department?
this season proj feels like a real stretch..everyone is so borderline.

missy pin-up pants deserved her win, that crazy thing is crazy, but it cute.
derivative, sure, but it was the only interesting thing that came down that dang runway.
ps, this 'take a picture, it'll last longer' challenge is SO FUCKING LAME.

SOMEONE is going to have an apoplectic fit soon if she doesn't get the accolades she feels she deserves. i won't say who but she talks in a mo-no-tone and her names rhymes with shmeeanne. kenley, i would sleep with one eye open.

in NOT A SHOCKER news:

your EXPLANATION for this BUSTED ASS "CATCHPHRASE" was "you know, holla at your dog" ?!? what. the FUCK. is wrong with you, dude???

why don't you try something just as casually cool as "word to your mother" or "where's the beef". cheese louise.

wha? again, am i missing something? i can't believe the accolades that were thrust upon this whatevsvilleness. so confused.

oh, and:

awwww, bye bye mccarren pool party bakery string..sooooo sorry. wah-wah.
nina "no comment" garcia was epicly bitchy last night. it was delicious.

joey ramone was a shining star.
she will get her own post later.
i kept saying "how da ya work this camera" in her accent all night. she KILLS ME.
i have realized one thing though.
when she talkes she's really much more MIKE DAMONE than joey ramone.

but what can you do?


madador said...

Leanne thinks she is "too creative."
Say what? She is as creative as a jello mold.

Arabelle said...

one word: GIRLICIOUS.

seriously i want to hammer his head in, that asshole is trying to hard to be the next christian and boy isn't even in the same zip code.

this season sucks. shame, because everyone tuned in to see another fierce tranny in the making.

sleepyhead said...

if ya dont like it git da fuck outta here....hehehe.

I AM SO GLAD THAT INDIE GIRL VERSION 1.0 IS GONE, seriously. the ruffles were so unflattering. and so 2003.

and blayne? ugh. so forced!

City Chic Please said...

blayne is so annoying...and weird...i can't even help laughing at him.

and kenley is really insecure. she just talks crap about others to make herself feel higher than all of them. that's why i don't like her.

i personally think leanne's really talented, but her monotone voice and her previous dresses kind of freaked me out.

stella...oh, stella...she's just so funny. i don't support her at all, but the first episode with her saying that her trash bags with "trash" and "garbage" made me die laughing...

City Chic Please said...

(long, sorry, but someone needed to rant about the terrible project runway season before us. at least tim's still normal...)

allison said...

SERIOUSLY. You are so spot ON. Blayne is trying so painfully hard to be this season's Christian Siriano with his "fierce" fame, but the thing is? Christian was actually hilarious in a silly, annoying way. Girlicious?! Holla atcher boy?! I WANT TO KILL HIM. He is a fucking try-hard. What is he even going for, a NY hipster? If so, he must have missed the memo, because an obsession with tanning doesn't really jive with that archetype. His terrible catchphrases AND designs are simply atrocious.

Leanne and Kenley are the only decent talent, but Leanne annoys me to death with her "I guess I'm too creative" and monotone voice. She's totally gonna kill Kenley.

Suede doesn't even consistently speak in the third person, and his blue mini-mohawk is so nineties.

Stella is the only one I like, and it's just for her LEATHUHHHHHH. What the fuck kind of world am I living in?!


allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
allison said...

Sorry, I realize double posting is a major faux pas in the coolness department (actually, confession, this is my TRIPLE post), but I found your blog via Style Rookie and love it to death. Will you be my new best friend?

I have a blog too, but it's not nearly as sassy as yours!


ohsarah said...

[hammering the hell out of her custom leathuh pants]

THANK you.
why is blane still around?!
what a nutterbutter.


-h of candid cool said...

i watched the 1st episode of the new season, and less than 10 minutes in, i was like when's sheer genius coming on...
and i havent tuned back in to pr since.

palazzo said...

this season sux

Katie said...

Where's the beef? Agggh, you got me, Elizabeth. Too FUNNY. I'm dead.

Actually, I had to re-explain "Holla at your boy" to a studio mate this morning. He saw the show but still didn't understand the phrase, even after Blayne's thorough explanation. As I awkwardly tried to compare it to "Call me," I realized that it's also kind of like the suburban "Keep In Touch (KIT)."

Saying it myself made me feel as awkward as when I try to say Salt and Pepa. Which I find hard to work into all the conversations I want to have about Salt AND Pepa. I could try saying it like Stella would, "Salt and Pep-uhh." Might make it harder to choke on.

Leti said...

keren and I watched it at my house last night and I literally fell asleep.

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