hand me my leather

must. re-cap. proj.

will do later.

um...tim gunn calling something a hot mess? what the crap.

oh, ps:


stella for president of everything, ever.
the uglier her shit is, the more i want to watch her. heartz all over.


gnarlitude jen said...

Boyf and I were watching and declared that I will be just like her when I'm 40. She must win!!!

Anonymous said...

Tim calling something a Hot Mess made me laugh
he's been hanging around Christian Sirano too much
but then again
if i knew him
i'd do the same

ohsarah said...

tim, tim, tim.
i wonder how often he sees christian these days hahaha.
i'm interested to see where stella is going...but boy her shit, and shirt, is ugly. hahaha


montypython101 said...

o god, did u see when blaine kept imitating her. i was like falling off my seat. omg i really want suede's dress but it's like $300 and i don't kno if i want to spend that kinda cash, u kno?

Anonymous said...

thank god they cast her....breath of fresh fashion air!

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