hey that's me and i want you only

my brain is like cher horowitz's closet computer...wardrobe rolodex.

as i lay in bed this morning, dreading the heat and the waking and the everything,
i cracked one eye and saw this united bamboo shirt peeking out of the closet and thought, 'ooh, where's that thrift store black and grey striped skirt? must. find. now.

(twas hanging NEATLY in the closet as well, i will have you know, thankyouverymuch)
the skirt is from the goodwill, from when i lived in LA- 2001 y'all! dang.
i think it was "church length" and i shortened it (duh).

ooooh psyched face! ew.

good grief. nice nail chipz


laia. said...

that skirt is AMAZINGGGGG.
love the mix of patterns with the shirt! A++

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

when can i come over?? i want to experience this closet of curiousities!

that skirt is darling, dahling.

and holla nails chipz..
my manicures tend to last, all of about 4 hours.

Enfievre said...

you look just perfect!

White Lightning said...

thanks ladies!!!! xo

ps, manicures last like, TEN SECONDS, WTF?

pps, louisita you are welcome anytime. remember your old appartment? it looks like that.

Caroline said...

such a lovely skirt! so many possibilities...

Anonymous said...

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Wellarra said...

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