i am trying to stimulate the economy, ok?

dear philip lim 3.1 metallic floral skirt with pockets and big old sash that makes a floppy bow,

thank you for being cheap as hell at the barney's supersale.

this grey rogan tee was 10 bucks at a sample sale a billion years ago. it is literally falling apart; it's so thin and soft and full of holes that it is not wearable for work purposes but i love it with this fancytimes skirt.

all dressed up with nowhere to go.
FYI, that is the coat pile in my living room on the right there, i haven't seen that chair in months. ooops.

these are one of the most loved items in my closet ever.
70s knee-high brown leather lace-up boots.
just got the soles repaired for the 10 millionth time.
last fall i was wearing them every day and they fell apart like, once a week.
this time i told the dude to do whatever was possible- glue was not cutting it anymore. the rubber soles are now full of nails and i hope that makes a difference; fingz crossed.
i'll never give up on them, never! (and you can't make me!)


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I found your super happy fun times blog through Laia, so I'm not a total freakshow.

2. Thank God someone has piles like I do.

3. Amazing boots, I hope the nails don't poke.

Anonymous said...

Omg I love this outfit beyond words. Seriously those boots are amazing and what luck on that skirt and pairing it with the falling apart tee is amazing.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to let you know that your friends the Walkmen are on the urbanoutfitters playlist!

hell yes.

Valentina said...

omg, this whole outfit is amazing. Those shoes, the skirt, it's perfection.

laia. said...

omggg elizabeth ive always ALWAYS wanted a pair of boots like this. they are just too fucking cool for words. they look great with that outfit.

i stoppped by barneys today but was mad that their shoes were only marked down 50%. wtf? if its the last week of the sale you gotta sell that shit to me son!

Anonymous said...

love love love love love that skirt. and the shoes!!!

Stefanie said...

if that is not THE MOST PERFECT OUTFIT i do not know what is
you nailed it (I know how much you like puns...that one was about your boots...)

White Lightning said...

laia- so true bout the shoes, i was like, um..200 for dries sandals is great but its just a leather bottom with ribbons. so you found nothin?

anon- awesome! i have to tell them!!

and all the other lovely ladies, thank you thanks so much! x

Mimi said...

I like the shoe!

Anonymous said...

okay, out with it - exactly how cheap as hell was that skirt? like, 'good deal' cheap or 'legal theft' cheap? regardless, it's gorgeous on its own, but even more fab with those boots - bravo!

Unknown said...

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