i did it for amurrrrica

sometimes you just have to have something, regardless of whether or not it's practical or sane or even..attractive? these sunglasses are pretty much insane. i know this.
but steve offered to pick them up for me at the sample sale and it was an offer i COULD NOT REFUSE.

and so now i am the ridiculous owner of these:

if the sun ever comes out again i will wear them in public.

i had to bring them to louise's 4th o' july festivities (despite NIGHT and DOWNPOURZ) because i knew she'd appreciate them.

good GOD, i am hideous after i stand in the rain for a while.

please note: slow and steady wins the race glasses AND shoes (nerd!).
plus one of the best dresses i have ever bought and one of my favorite things ever..this black linen ring-zipper dress by kate&kass.
plus violent orange nails.
plus neon blue vintage eelskin bag (ave A flea, once again. i'll miss it forever.) with...a mesh 1930's evening bag as an accessory to my accessory? i don't know. it felt right.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

it was so right. a+++
glad the girl is back in town!
p.s. can i get in on steves sample sale email notices..i mean really.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i love them. AMAZING. i am not afraid of a little bit of the ridicks.


sleepyhead said...

omgz! that zipper is insane. i like how its in the front instead of the back.

i feel like those sunnies are from the future, pretty dope stuff.

Always In Style said...

You can totally pull those off - love 'em!

ohsarah said...

ridic. you look like a little cartoon character [something awesome like felix!]. :D


edgecakes said...

you is crazytown locosalsa. can you see into the 4th dimension with them thangs?

laia. said...


Katlin at Urple said...

I love this! I always get those urges to buy things like this just for the kitsch factor!

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone!! how crazytown are they? you should see the stares in the street.

i can tooooootally see the 4th dimension, edge.

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