i hear dreamweaver...

dear rhiannon,
please stop breaking my heart.

ladies, this dress is an extra-small.
if that's your size and you, like me, desire it SO VERY MUCH, please go buy it on ebay and give it the sweet love it deserves.

excuse me for a moment, won't you?
i need to go cry. salty, salty, bitter tears of love lost.


sleepyhead said...

rhiannon's finds are the absolute greatest. but i can never find one that is my size. POUT!

Anonymous said...

aw helllnah i am buying this without a doubt... WITHOUT.A.DOUBT. Have no grief, one day when no one else is looking you WILL find its crazypants twin

edgecakez said...

ughhh. BALL SANDWICHES to a xs!

Enfievre said...

i would punch someone in the face for this dress.

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