i seriously need an afro.

i say it often, so why not once more:
if i was a black girl, i would model myself after lauryn hill circa 95-96.

she is TOTALLY wearing balenciaga-steez riding hats in this video !
black AND red AND brown ! sickness.


Lyna said...

I love the title i can give you my afro lol

hard liquor; soft holes said...

hahaha, i was JUST watching the doo wop (that thing) video on repeat last week and thinking how TIMELESS she looks. seriously, so hot.

Bubeau said...

You are killing me softly.

elizabeth said...

ajax: i try.

elizabeth said...

i will take it, i swear i will.
god, i love an afro.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

respect jersey, indeed.

i saw them perform in '96 and it was perhaps the first time in my life when i had seen utter fashion genius.
she came our in military cargo pants, ski high heels, that hair and voice..i was bowled over!!

too bad she got all caught up with some crazy guru. i wish i could see her in editorial/street style sites all day.

too amazing for words.

also. when i cut my hair in 2004 and dyed it platinum, i thought my next hair move would be permed afro. alas i lost my guts...fearful i'd look like a poodle not an awesome radical.

Amanda Neatley said...

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