i wish the stars could shine now

so prim and proper today!
i realized this was maybe subconciously riika inspired.
i feel positively LADYLIKE (how novel!)

this skirt is epic. everyone go buy it.
old navy, kinda like not shopping right?
("grocery shopping, like my friend dre describes h&m purchases)

speaking of, this blue lady shirt is from h&m a couple summers ago.
totes forgot about it! shopping my closet is SO MUCH FUN.
this belt is from thrift a million years ago, it has feathers glued all over it.

ps, it is SO HUMID outside that i want to cry.

my shoelaces won't stay tied.


piña said...

so so cute! there's no shame in lovin' old navy, I can't wait to shop it up in a few weeks!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

am going on an old navy blowout this weekend for their united bamboo/opening ceremony-esque quilted harlequin polos. need to see IRL. woohoo!

Sommer Naffz said...

ummm yeah, like you're way cute! i need to follow suit and jump on that "shop in my closet train." leaving the boutique for a writing gig at eluxury. suppose the change will be good and guess since i'll be working from a box may not have to spend all my bones on pretty lil' things... those acne shoes rocked but knockoffs will follow. i'm drooling over some isabel marant booties... only around 650!!! FUCKKKKKKK

Unknown said...

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