i won't forget a single day, believe me

what's the newz on summer jams??

listy list time. i feel a little lame because i'm kinda lax on new jamz, i have been into old stuff of things that are not so new. but ANYWAYS, here's what i am listening to right now...

1 black magic / magic wands

SO GOOD! so addictive!!
best new song evs...i found out about it from my friend's blog..he only updates like once evey 90 years but there is always good stuff on there.

2 days / the kinks

sweet live performance! now it makes me think of ece's house in spain cuz we were listening to it all the time.. (aww!!! haahaaa)

3 here /pavement

(just listen, don't look at this montage bullshiz).
i listen to this all the time. always. it makes me melancholy in a good way. 1 can't crank it up to 11 ALL the time, ya know???

4 rough gem / islands

this song always makes me all boppy and happy and i love listening to it when i walk around the city. i once told my friend palazzo that this is him in the form of a song. i stand by that claim.

5 i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you / kate nash (black kids cover)

again..just listen, don't watch the dumb vid. i love a good cover, especially ones of songs that came out like, 5 minutes ago.

6 kiss the bottle / jawbreaker

uh..i've been really into jawbreaker lately? i mean, you know. i love the 90s, so...not a shocker. 'i kissed the bottle, i shoulda been kissing you'. aww, alcoholic lovelorn-ness.

7 soldier's grin / wolf parade

only a live clip so far, i mean the record just came out like 2 weeks ago, so relax ok?

i got tagged for this by jen-nay and miss sleepytownz..i tag stevie. he'll totally do it.


sleepyhead said...

rough gem by the islands is such an effing good song! i think my favorite song off that album is humans, bah all so good!

Anonymous said...

fuckk yes on kiss the bottle! goddamn i'd have never thought to look that up! awesome.

oh man, magic wands. kinda terrible live. we were hanging with friends (kills) before the show which MW was opening for and i dunno, changing your outfit to some craze with one sparkly glove and a top hat sillyness was whatevs (she looked fine before hand) but i couldn't take them serious after hearing the girl inside a shop we were all in killing time before the show, say 'i feel so dumb wearing my sunglasses inside' but kept them on, perhaps thinking she'd be recognized ?? the people there thought we were the ones in the band anyway so it was funny.

Unknown said...

debbie deb! maybe it's my mexicaness coming out, but debbie deb always reminds me of summer as a kid, watching low riders drive by. No joke.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all of these tracks. so addictive!

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