if only all problems were like this

when you own a bag that has since been knocked-off on canal street/street vendors/everyone in the world, when can you take it out again? never? now?

ok, so:
i have a stam.
in the fall of 2005 there was a serendipitous confluence of many factors that led to this occurrence:
living at home after i broke up with a boyfriend + birthday cash + a friends discount at marc jacobs = profligate spending AKA OOPSYDOOPS

it's dark blue with a 3000 lb chain and blood red suede inside and it's still quite lovely. but ubiquitous. i get the urge now and again..like today..to bust it out. i like it on my shoulder.

yes? no? who cares? i can't decide. thoughts?

ps, i have a terrible habit of bending my legs back and locking them at the knee which makes them looks all SQUASHY in pictures and it's horrible. just putting that out there.

pps, when i wake up at 6 AM it is UNBELIEVABLE how much can happen.

ppps OK OK, I BOUGHT THE AA SKIRT IN BLACK TOO. HAPPY NOW? I AM ADDICTED! dov charney, you'll be hearing from my lawyer.


Amy Grace said...

My vote is that you SHOULD wear it. I mean, who cares? Yours is for real. And totally awesome, even if it is ubiquitous.

Glad to hear the AA skirt lives up to your expectations/dreams/desires. I've been eyeing it since, like, snow was everywhere but also put it on and think it's horrid. Maybe I'll give it another go. I do need a mustard skirt...

White Lightning said...

the skirt is awesome. i have to say. i dont know why i all of a suden like it so much , after hating it a million times in the dressing room but....i really do want to wear it every day!!

also: i have the bag with me today. i missed it!

Enfievre said...


July Stars said...

Snap, I've got that skirt too. In dark grey, black and ... etc etc
Stam bag? Ebay
Love your little outfit

piƱa said...

YES to STAM!!! I coveted that bag for many a month. Also, maybe I will try the AA skirt again but really it wasn't doing much for the front pack.

laia. said...

yes to stamz.

sleepyhead said...

break it out

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

perhaps a unique modification or the addition of art deco evening bags may solve the unique vs. knock off issue.

or get brendan to draw/ stencil something like white lightning on the front/back...

am i going to buy that skirt afterall?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

o. and wtf?! those shoes are INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!

White Lightning said...

i am stamming it.

july stars: ebay sounds tempting..but i am SUCH a pack rat..it would be soo hard to part with....

louise- the shoes are from poppet!!! and um, yes you need the skirt. in every color. (so do i. ballz!!!)

Sarah said...

break that baby out! something so pretty should be kept locked up. :]


S. said...

YES! Who cares, that is what differentiates you from all the other toting it...STYLE.

Which is why I will be buying a chanel bag... who cares really about all the fashion victims toting one?


Michelle said...

Look ace, I think the difference between an authentic Stam and a cheapo knock off is pretty obvious, so ppl know yours is the real deal.

Kimberley said...

Stams are classic and beautiful.
WEAR IT! for sure.


Nicole P. said...

Yeah, I definitely say wear it--it's gorgeous and if you like it, who cares?

I don't know about where you are, but I rarely see the Stam bag, real or fake, and it's so lovely.

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