it's a form of PHILANTHROPY

these are not new! not technically! i swear!
i was wasting time in the hood on father's day waiting for my DOPE RIDE aka MOM & DADZ CAR to come get me for fam time and i stopped in atomic passion just cuz it'd been a while and i could hear the dolly parton from outside and i never heard a playing of JOLENE that i didn't love.

i wandered back to the sale section and found these sorta beaten lovelies for 15 dollars.
i had to rescue them! this was a GOOD DEED!
they have not-quite-matched satin shoelaces and they are sooo very marc jacobs-y.

i just got them back from the cobbler (i LOVE THAT WORD!), they got new insoles and a little shine. i shall love them dearly

ps and fyi-slers: this skirt is from old navy and it's high-waisted and teensy-striped awesomeeeee. steve and i spent all day trading O.N. links, we love it..it's the new secret sickness.

pps, in the background in the last pic is the STEAMER i bought this weekend because i am over paying my dry-cleaner to make my shit presentable. this seems like a certain kind of fashion lunacy that i never thought i'd have.

ppppps. also in the bottom photo is hound dog bank, who lives next to giant cerami-cat, the only pets i can deal with at this point in life.

P-MILLION-S i took these pics with my iphone bc i am not sure where my camera is. not great, but not so bad, yeah?


July Stars said...

Wow, a steamer ... That has got to be the idea of the century! I have to buy one too!

laia. said...

omggggg elizabeth i LOVE those. what does the heel look like? they are awesome.

elizabeth said...

thanks laia! the heel is chunky and covered in red leather. maybe 3"? perfect height

Miss Woo said...

Those shoes are beauties! and totally bargainous.

Belle said...

we have shoe cousins.

how much did the cobbler cost? oh that sounds cute. but how much, may i ask? i have to get mine re-did and i wanna know an estimate.. *says re-did because she likes being ghetto sometimes*

elizabeth said...

thanks thanks!

belle- prices are different all over, but i like my guy in the port authority station at 42nd street ( outside my work)..i brought him minor repairs on 4 pairs of shoes and it was like 30 bucks. it's usually cheaper than you think it'll be, unless you have major damage...

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