it's no royal tenenbaums but...

so...here's the thing.
the boyfriend is into movies. ya know, beautiful old ones with subtitles and sad endings?
me..not so much.
i have thoroughly exasperated him many, many a time by falling asleep during beautiful subtitled films.

i try you guys, i swear. i TRY!

so hard! but..the couch..it's so..comfy...
he tries to make me less of a cultureless heathen but my eyelids just won't cooperate. sigh.
(i want to note that he is one of the funniest people i know but he likes serious movies. but also trashy teevee. who do you think i watch project runway with?)

i am not totally shallow when it comes to movie choices, i just have a hard time with like, 'classic foreign films'.

i have never seen a godard film, watched maybe half a truffaut, and lost a netflix buñuel.
i can appreciate the aesthetic quality, but...it's hard for me to get into. oopsy.

well the other night i SWORE to stay awake (the key was no wine or whiskey for me) and we watched Il Conformista, a bernardo bertolucci movie.

little hats! little purses! perfect little lace-up shoes! le tour! j'adored it.

...and i LOVED IT. it's kinda dark, it's a thriller and there is some fucked up shit in it but it is so gorgeous to look at, and the clothes are so beyond (it's mainly set in 1938, in italy and france..)

i love italian, the sound of it being spoken.
i loved the shallow, slightly dim young guilia in an amazing black and white sheath exclaiming things like "Amore!" and then doing a little dance for her fiance:

oh marcelllooooo!

i loved the sultry anna's outfits and her seductive ways:

oopsy-sapphic undertones-doopsy..fox stoles! slinky satin dresses..PIN CURLS!

i gotta say, i do love fascist architecture. and marcello's morphine addicted mother laid around in outrageous galliano-esque gowns and was surrounded by dachsund puppies- my kind of decadence!

this clip has no subtitles, but who really cares. it's hot foreigners, gorgeous cinematography and INTRIGUE!

ps, to reciprocate i am currently campaigning to get him to see Clueless. mainly for my own amusement.


brendan donnelly said...

sensitive guys that watch movies with subtitles wear nimble foot wear. see also rapetto shoes..(i sold them to guys that are into movies like that when i worked at earnest sewn)

-just sayin

laia. said...

1. i do the same thing and fall asleep all the time. the only movies ive managed to stay awake through are fellini films and most of them i absolutely hate (except nights of cabiria, have you seen it? its amazing)

2. Clueless is a masterpiece.

Mimi said...

Nice pics.The first one is definately my favorite.I want to go to paris so bad.

brendan donnelly said...

people that only watch french films and want to learn how to speak french and love all thing french (accent, people, photos, paris) really annoys me.

another masterpiece is "romey and michelles high school reunion"

edgecakez said...

french cineMAH is a blowhole.

you want a REAL film?

"just one of the guys"

talk about ART-HOUSE!

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