i just found these pictures on my desktop, i completely forgot to post ! a few weeks ago the the BF and i went to governor's island for a random weekend jaunt..you take a free ferry there, and there's a huge park and you can rent bicycles..shweet!

unbeknownst to us, there was a JAZZ AGE FESTIVAL happening that weekend in the very same spot we were going to have a pic-anic. i will admit to eyebrow raising and a serious vibe of, great this will be soooo lame.

i was SO SO WRONG...

it was SO FUN!
there was a live band and a people dancing. there was free pie for a pie tasting contest and there was vintage clothing to peruse and lust after. and the fashion was sick, bill cunningham was there capturing it! (even though i see him fairly often around the building, i love seeing him out and about snapping pictures, it makes me happy)

want those shoes, want them!

i loved these couples, in full costume, just having the best time ever dancing around

so cute

there were people busting out moves and routines and they were just average lookin joes..where'd they learn this stuff??

this old gal got an A+ in my book. oooh those red shoes!

this asian couple took the top prize, they were so fucking fantastic..i wish i had a better pic of her not sitting so you can see how perfectly flapper'd she was. they were AMAZING. did i mention it was 100+ degrees that weekend? i gave all the men so much credit, it was a bad day for pants.


edgecakez said...

that first pic is pretty shweet!

Keak said...

maybe you've found these already but:


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

wonderful street style work love!!!
i wish i'd been with you.

sleepyhead said...

i've seen pics of the jazz age fest over the intarweb and i am so jealous that i was not in attendance! grrrr, stupid PA.

Puremelda said...

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