last gasp

more than one person has inquired as to why i skipped out on "da club" scene when i was in spain.
answer 1: because i have a man (i mean, thats why you go, right? bone patrol?) and i'm not too interested in euro danceparties.

answer 2, possibly the more important one:
ece and i decided we were lazymakers. and we'd rather drink a bottle of wine and share one of spain's greatest inventions ever, a teenytinerson ice cream sandwich called 'SNACK'. half cookie half crunchy. way more fun!


i'm scared, hold me

pure joy

i look like the alien from alien

that piece is for you. no, for you. no really, i want you to have it.

let's just do this for 2 weeks. is family guy on yet?


laia. said...

you gotta man? whats your man gotta do with the club?

haha. sorry. i couldnt resist.

edgecakez said...

snack time all the time. da club is for suckers!

Lia Dominique Andress said...

I've had one and they are irresistible.

sleepyhead said...

in my euro-club experience, it wasn't the greatest. so i don't think you missed out on anything grand.

Anonymous said...

screw snack, go to berlin.

KATLIN said...

As long as you're with good people having a good time, that's all that matters! And wine and chocolate don't hurt either!!

Tavi said...

ELIZABETH! I had so much fun!! Seriously, highlight of the trip. And that includes playing bluegrass on a banjo on a boat. But thank you thank you THANK YOU and I will write down every little detail so that I will never forget it. Your hair was in a ponytail, correct? And JP was wearing wayfarers?
My friend did the Europe club scene (don't worry, she's far older than me. God, could you imagine a 12 year old clubbing? That's a Family Guy episode right there) and said it was dumb and this guy kissed her and was later stabbed because is dad was like a mafiah or something...very interesting.
Miss you already and cannot WAIT for the mega 300 page issue!

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