like i've said, i never hate it when my friends are successful

hey hey hey now everyone...please mark your calendars for august 19th !
that's the release date for the new walkmen record...besides being a really good band, they are friends and really great guys.

and um....i designed the new record! here's the cover:

i'm quite happy with it, i hope you like it too.
to see the rest of my lovely work (ha!) and hear great music, BUY THE ALBUM when it's out..c'mon now, share the love !


the gmh. said...

Oooooh, very nice.

laia. said...

omg the walkmen!!!! i have such fucking good memories from everyone who pretended to like me is gone. thanks for the heads up!

(also, that is a sexy "e")

Tavi said...

pshhh awesome. Seriously checkin em out. Your music recommendations have done me no wrong.

Anonymous said...

and i thought you were a cartoonist after all this time

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