monday again? how did that happen?

i am not too much of an 80s retro enthusiast; the decade doesn't hold that much allure for me beyond acknowledging the great things of my childhood (strawberry shortcake, smurfs, like a virgin era madonna, early MTV, jelly shoes, thriller, john hughes movies, duran duran, NES...most of these things are still around, or back, or so pop cultured out that it doesn't even feel nostalgic anymore...)


there are a few songs of the 80s that will neverrrr get old for me, and right now all i want to listen to is:

Your Love by The Outfield
(which has embedding disabled on EVERY SINGLE YOUTUBE of the VIDEO..what the what, that is sooo fucking LAME, so click the link to watch it)

every time i hear "josie's on a vacation far away" i get all excited

ps..how do i post mp3s up in this jazzhole? will i get sued for everything i have, namely 4,000 thrift store dresses and 2,500 pairs of second-hand shoes? or can i do it in the name of MUSICAL APPRECIATION?


Anonymous said...

i love the outfield like i love blasting nineteen naughty iii driving down ewing ave

Bubeau said...

I agree, the Outfield rules.

What I was suprised to read in a recent post, however, was when you said "blah blah blah ANOTHER GREAT THING FROM THE '90S".........

because I was pretty sure there was nothing good about the '90s.


Stefanie said...

I will link you to a good tutorial about how to post mp3's that play on your page and people can download!
but I will do this later this evening when I'm at home and can find the link in my favourites!

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