naughty naughty

i have this song on a constant loop today

My Night With the Prostitute from Marseille, new music from beirut.
(what a fucking title! haa. AMAZING. ohhh zachhhhhhh, WHY DO I STILL LOVE YOU SO??)

dancey dancey cute sleepyvoiced sadbuthappy timez !
that's how i'd describe it.
if asked.
under oath.
by a jury of my peers.

stream it! you will love it!

EDIT: i added it to the latest mux. IT'S SO GOOD !


Sommer Naffz said...

i fnnnn luv beirut...

Sarah said...

mmmm zach.
i love beirut.


Amandine said...

Finally, some Beirut!

term paper said...

Now I am having this song on the loop all day! You really know how to turn a normal person to a crazy music addict. Keep it up, man! Thank you!

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