oi, shopgirl...

it's jennifer saunder's birthday..this just led to thirty minutes of abfab clips on youtube. ANOTHER REASON TO LOVE THE 90S.

for all of you young ladies and the uninitiated, jennifer saunders is my ORIGINAL SPIRIT ANIMAL.
back in my early college days, before i really liked fashion-FASHION (beyond thrift store tees, vintage levi's corduroys, and vintage nikes) and knew of the wonders that are ANNA PIAGGI, LYNN YAEGER, and LYNN HIRSCHBERG, there was PATSY & EDINA.

one day, ONE. DAY. i will be able to answer the question "where did you get that?" with the best answer ever:

"it's LA-KWA, SWEETIE" (sweety, darling, sweety, sweety)

you have to watch this too. it's 10 minutes. but still. SO SO GOOD. MARRAKECH! POP SPECS! BUBBLE!

this is how i will end up. trying to run through an airport in morocco with 7 inch platforms and a LA-CROIX bell-bottom bodysuit...(god willing)

have some bolli and toast her, sweety. darling. sweetydarlingdarlingsweety..oh god I LOVE IT! there goes my sunday...ooooopsydoopsydoops.
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