palms in the face for all these haterz

apparently fantastically smart, cool, and fashionable twelve year olds with shweet blogz are automatically put in the same category as sasquatch and ol' nessie.

let me say this, nymag and all random haters take note: miss tavi, the style rookie, is real. and basically awesomer than most of us.


we had lunch. she got to see what a magazine office is like. we discussed the cdg/lv bags. someone in the elevator thought she was MY DAUGHTER (yeah, that has neverrr happened to me before. especially since i still get carded at rated R movies. but i would adopt her in a sec so WHATEVS.).
as soon she's old enough i'd welcome her to be the star intern in our office.
and then she'll steal all of our jobs.

i cannot express the rage and annoyance i am feeling towards all the snippysaucy commentary about her.

yes, she is articulate and funny and smart and has a great eye for fashion.
but let's not forget she's not even a teenager and has maybe not developed the hard, jaded shell that the rest of us may have already, mmmkay jealousysnarksters?? great, thanks.

W. L.

photo by dad of tavi, collage of us with delicious beverage by the super real and amazing T


Bubeau said...

wow, her website is amazing!

laia. said...

I was SO pissed off at that article. I kept trying to post a comment to it but I was too angry and didn't just want to say FUCK YOU. haha.

seriously, picking on 12 year olds is cool now I guess.

sleepyhead said...

dudez i read your comment and wholeheartedly agree. wtf is with the person being like someone else writes for her? sure mmkay a-hole, you win the award for being mad jealz of a 12 year old. people are so annoying sometimes, cmon are we really questioning her authenticity?

Enfievre said...

tavi is amazing and talented and stylish and funny. effff the haters that cant imagine that a 12 year old actually might be smarter than them. or just scared that she might take their job.

Unknown said...

when i read i seriously started foaming at the month, for realz. not only do they disclaim tavi but they make me look like an idiot! of course that's not hard but god damnit she's only 12, it takes at least one more year before she gets cynical.

Valentina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
White Lightning said...

haaa belle, TRUESLERS, why they gotta take you outta context like that?

Jaclyn Johnson said...

I just stumbled across her site and I loved it... poor girl I seriously think sometimes the media has no heart.

Anonymous said...

Tavi is freakin amazing, an inspiration to those of us still young at heart.

Unknown said...

It is really frustrating to hear about people thinking she is a fake, especially when you know her personally! Tavi and I do theatre together and she is my favorite twelve year old ever! Not only does she have a great fashion sense, but she is an amazing singer and performer.

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