so far i can't remember one name.

obvs i have so much to say about proj, it's just that my real JOB is quite busy right now..

here's a quick cheatsheet of my first impressions...

Xs are for douchewads with serious cocaine problems who say HOLLA AT YOUR BOY and GIRLICIOUS, annoyances, whatevsvilles, and girls who wear gold bakery string headbands.

?s are for uh, what's your name again? slash i have no opinion yet.

HEARTS are for cuties for make MUGLER-ESQUE ROBOT DRESSES OUT OF SOLO CUPS, tacky girls who impress me nonetheless, little gays with shorts, and a new yaw-ka hot mess who i will refer to as Joey Ramone.

screenshotz breakdown later tonight.

oh PS, i am like, girl-on-girl in love with heidi klum. this is as bizarre to me as it is to you as i am not that into blondes, or ladies for that matter. but i think she is so insanely hot. wtf?


Emily Sher said...

i totally sighed every time they showed a shot with wesley in it. cute!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i agree 100% with this. except that i'd put a heart around keith. i also am oddly drawn to the cheesy girl with the duffy-meets-winehouse lite hair (kelli). and i think i might change question mark on korto to heart OR africa outline.

maddie said...

i like leanne because she's the silent fashion assasin but jennifer makes me want to upchuck drab drab chinos

sleepyhead said...

hahahahahaha, i'm laughing so hard from your graph! ugh, blayne/blaine/blain/blane is so annoying and its like seriously bro you're not the next christian siriano. stop with the girlicious.

i like daniel and kelli as well. kelli totes blew me out of the water with her creation. bombs.

ps that idiot emily seriously rubs me the wrong way. TRYING TO HARD WITH THE LEOPARD PRINT, H&M GOLD HEADBAND.

the gmh. said...

Wesley is my new crush.

Enfievre said...

do you think they edited it so blayyyneee could look like he had a coke nose? nah, i think he just does.

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