stop trying to catch my eye

i've made a new rule for the rest of the summer:
shopping is only happening from within my own wardrobe.

i am gonna try reallly hard.
let;s be honest, there is all kinds of crazy shit crammed into this looneytunes apartment, i can make new outfits for decades.

for instance:
yellow and pink! i need yellow and pink. i know i toooootally have yellow pink.

(lacroix, givenchy)

this yellow skirt is from 2001, how come i never wear it???
the pink sheer knee socks are from AA (sigh) and the matching shoes are from poppet.

i have no idea what i'd wear on top..a blue and white striped shirt? i only have a thousand.
i'm currently eyeing the pile of t-shirts i put on the floor,
ostensibly with the idea that i would perfectly fold and
stack them on their shelf.
possibly the winner is somewhere in the pile.
buuuuuut i'd have to actually do the organizing to find out.



sleepyhead said...

i remember you posted those shoes a while back and i really liked them. they should def have more appearances.

laia. said...

omg those socks and shoes are the perfect match.
you are killinggg meeee!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

we should TOTALLY do a tod oldham house of style raid our closets and rejigger old clothing crafternoon this weekend, no?

p.s. my friend kate and i are going to go to the necklace district (off of the trimmings quadrangle) and make DIY lovebeads this weekend. in?

White Lightning said...

miss zzzz: I CONCUR!! your wish is my comamnd. posted them again today.

laia : i need ALL OF MY SHOES TO MATCH MY SOCKS NOW! its becoming too much!! you can find shoes this color, i know it. go to beacon's. they gotta have something. then buy these things at AA.

stevieeeeee i am so in for crafternoon. right afte ri sell the bulk of it at the aforementioned beacons. I NEED MONEYYY. i wanna bead it up for sure. hollaaaaa

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