tell me.

why does everyone have these blue sunglasses? why do i realllllly want a pair? is she trying to smoke with her toes?

who is ashley tisdale anyways? what is high school musical and why are there 4 of them? why do i covet a bag owned by said starlet from the aforementioned unknown disney film?

is it ok that i feel secretly happy that this chick supposedly just turned 30 but i think she looks 45 and i now feel better about being 6 months behind her because there's no way i look that old?

most importantly:
why do i still read celebrity photo blogs?


Enfievre said...

i really hope she is smoking with her toes.

laia. said...

is that Courtney in the first picture? God I fucking love her. I've also really been thinking about those glasses.

sleepyhead said...

UM HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE ITS SO AMAZING YOU NEED TO SEE IT IN THEATERS. i seriously know all of the words and sing a long. yes, it is that amazing.

White Lightning said...

its totally courtney. i dont know how it ends with her bc she just gets weirder and nutsier.

ok may be i need to see teh HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. i def believe in guilty pleasures. haahahah, sleepz i love how ENTHUSIASTIC you are !!

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