that's cool, i didn't want it ANYWAY

his is def a new HIGH in the marc by marc pricetag department...

remember this?

interested? they have it right now at neimanmarcus.com.
i hope your credit is good cuz...

is that leather made from clairvoyant hand-fed cows that can also read and do your taxes?
what in the eff-hole.

bee-tee-dubz, haven't found these online yet:

...but i think i spied a price in a mag and it was totes OVER a grand.
wtf, marc??


laia. said...

ahaha remember when marc by marc was affordable? i got a sweatshirt from his first marc collection (the one with graffiti print too) on neiman marcus for 98 dollars! thats what a headbaand costs these days probably.

its a shame
i loved loved loved those boots when they came down the runway but then i saw they are 955. :(

ETL said...

That's terrible! Marc is my favorite designer, but I just don't see myself paying $825 just for a leather dress! Those shoes are doggone cute, though...

emilyellen said...

i so wanted those boots. when the cold vermont winter rolls around i'll wish i spent that money because my keds will be all slushy.

ohsarah said...

oh marc.
that's just ridic.

jacklinemelda said...

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