i realize i never did my epic proj re-cap.
eh. laziness/forgetfulness/real jobness.

well, to get psyched for tonight, let me just say this much.


perhaps in person this does not look like a horrible mess?
when Da Gunz was like, 'ohhh SUEDE i LIKE IT', i knew that i was lost.
i mean..shit is busted.
and seems ill-fitting.
but what do i know, i'm only AWESOME.


was cute, but let's be honest. (we're all friends!)
it is obscenely short.
like margiela-shirtdress-omg-i-totes-saw-her-bidness-and-oh-look-it's-shaved short.
no one said a thing!

ballz ! i was so wrong! crotchflash dressmaker was made by that chick with the GOLDEN BAKERY STRING (thanks emilyellen).
christ, they are all the same at this point. i shall call bakery string 'mccarren pool party'.

well, anyway. as for this one:

listen missy pin-up girl, i've got my eye on you. i may think you are adorable and i do covet your bangs but please stop making my boyfriend a little TOO interested in project runway. ummmmTHANKS.

oh and
what the FUCK was this???


i have my fings crossed for joey ramone to make a leather burka.

*that's german! i learned it the other night! it means DISPLEASURE. i am practicing for when heidi and i meet for hefeweisenz and schnitzel


second city penny pincher said...

i could not agree more with your sentiments about runway last week. lets hope the producers dont pick the winner this week

FidgetFinds said...

I am just really curious how they're going to duplicate/manufacture Suede's outfit for Bluefly and that blue dress is a nightmare!!

Emily Sher said...

noo it was emily that made the too short dress. kenley's was kind of cute and definitely should have won over suede's thing. so disappointed in natalie portman right now.

White Lightning said...

gah!!!! you are so right.OOPSYDOOPS> fixed it. thanks!

sleepyhead said...

i like kenley alot. i think she's too cute though, she's got something up her pin-up girl sleeves.

ps i found a vid of christian siriano blasting on this season's project runway. hehehe.

Beverly said...

Kenley is my friend's gf. She is one of those girls who always is totally done up and I believe wears primarily clothing she's designed. I wish I had cable for this season. And p.s. her bf's last name is Penley...I mean come on, that's got amazing potential, Kenley Penley!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

the future kenley penley killed it with the balenci-ish long-sleeved egg dress feat. marjan-pejoski-paper-lantern tulle section.

Gabby said...

First and last dress are hideous. The neckline in that first one is just awful looking, it doesn't suit the model at all.

Jenni said...

Kenley makes by bf a bit too interested in PR as well, but her cuteness is so great it keeps me from getting too cranky about it.

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