who am i to argue?

ok, you guys know i love the 90s, i say it every 10 seconds, not a shocker alert. and even though not everyone feels the same (outrageous), i am content with the knowledge that i have some friends who share my obsessions...

1 brendan was an east coast surburban kid like me and when we're like, 'let's write a love story about 2 bored teenagers in the sevz parking lot', we both know exactly what it would be like- basically us in high school.

2 there isn't a demented weirdo twisted up fashion ref that i could IM steve about and he wouldn't be like, uh, omg, TOTES. (see the title of his latest post)

3 when i need to talktalktalk about my love for the music of my youth, marlow is pretty much always on board. dancehall crashers, teenage fanclub, bis...he loved it too and i need SOMEONE to love it too.
so remember i told you the other day that he always has good music on his blog?
he added a song today called Let's Kiss and Listen to Bis by some german band called Mikrofisch (like microfiche? from the library? i used to love microfiche!...but i digress).

any song with the lyric "let's pretend it's 1995 and listen to teenage fanclub" goes straight to the top of my list, i don't know about you.

do yourself a favor and DO WHAT THEY SAY..your day'll be that much better, i promise


hard liquor; soft holes said...

ummm, of course i am in full support. i have a 'christina applegate' tag for christ's sake. also, i spent fuckin half an hour last week watching that scene of 90210 when david silver's friend kills himself with a gun after coming back from a summer on the ranch (after david became popular). they were just too different to both survive after that.

Anonymous said...

the DHC chicks used to do crazy kicks during "We Owe" live all the time. I once saw them take out a 16 year old girl i was trying to kick it to in the front row. it was funny - i laughed until i realized the girl left half her teeth on the Stone Pony floor. true story

sleepyhead said...

i think i love you for knowing what microfiche is! turns out history majors aren't the only ones.

ps, bis was like totally the only band on my ipod playlist for like 2 years.

brendan donnelly said...

greenlight this project followed by a 5 picture deal

Enfievre said...

hanging in the sevz parking lot was a daily activity for me. east coast burbians for life!

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