you can't argue with math.

according to my calculations:

joey ramone


priscilla queen of the desert


aka my FAVORITE person on proj (and very possibly the next to go home. seeing as how her skillz seem pretty limited)

* although i learned her name for the sake of this post, i will still refer to her as joey ramone.


sleepyhead said...

does she remind you of cher also? i think it is her bone structure. might be just me.

Anonymous said...

Last week, when she was throwing her hands up and complaining, without any irony, that her fabric—which actually WAS a roll of plastic garbage bags—was 'gawhbedge,' I knew we were in for a treat.

elizabeth said...

i hope she sticks around because i actually lIKE to listen to her complain.

sleepz, yeah, i think a lot of people see a cher thing, i do too, it;s just that as soon as they showed her in that get up i was like OMG PRISCILLA FINALE? that is the most INSANE drag look ever.

niki said...

she kind of freaks me out but she's funny to watch. i hope she stays for a bit longer.

KATLIN said...

Plus a dash of Cher!!

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