you know i love an intargia sweater...

i am obsessed.

this is yokoo.
i stumbled upon her flickrs and i am transfixed.
(she also has an etsy store).

not exactly a style that i want to emulate per se, but an attitude and a weirdness that i admire.
a new favorite page to check a million times a day...


Tavi said...

Out of the way, she's MINEE!

White Lightning said...

i could take you, i ain't scared !

Anonymous said...

I think there is enough to go around!!
Elizabeth, thank you so much for your post.
I'm all full of smiles today!
I have also been scouring through your blog too.
Now it's RSSed..
TAVI!!! i know all about you!!
i have a message for you

Pret a Porter P said...

yokoo is awesome

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

but a few sets of eyes for shades wouldn't be bad.

WritemyPapers.org reviews said...

This girl is really something. Indeed funny, this I can say for sure. And about that sweater - is that Charlie Chaplin? This is way to good to be true, really! Thanks a lot for posting!

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