always prepared

my boss said i looked like a twisted girl scout today! love it!

these photos are tres bad, i know. sorry!
my camera is MIA again (on holiday with my remote, perhaps?)

i gotta wear this shirt MORE. giant black bow!
(it's marc by marc-WHY has this been mbm week? i swear i don't have a closetful)
the overalls dress jumper thing was some old navy clearance jazz last summer.
and CL pin, obvs, always, everyday!

four day weekend YESSSSSSSSS!


laia. said...

dude, you can rock those overall/jumper/thingamajigs better than anyone on the entire planet. Seriously, you should put it on your resume as a skill or something.

are you going to wear that blouse with the chanel tights? OMG DO IT

Dee. said...

omg. i love your bloggie.
comment mine?
its not as good as yours though

Lavender said...

Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. I'm loving your crazy style. The big black bow against that white blouse is awesome.

Trish Baluyot said...

I love your blog. Would you like to link up? :)

Shaneeza Aziz said...

one of your cutest outfits. i approve!

Isabel said...

Ooh, I love the outfit! So pretty!

Unknown said...

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