aw yeah

when a friend at work asked me, "can you recommend any illustrators to do t-shirts for grizzly bear?" i was like, um YEAH, just ONE and his name is BRENDAN DONNELLY.

as per usszzz, he killed it.
the t-shirts are superfuckingsick and i have heard that they are selling out at every show.

i mean, sure, he IS one of my bestest bros but even if i didn't know him i would think this was killer:

he should do all their merch..ya hear that, grizz?

UPDATE: bdonns says that the grizz boys emailed him to say that the shizz TOTALLY SOLD OUT in TWO days! no worries, they are doing a giant ass reprint. so get it when you can!

(pic of GB bro in tee is shtolen from their website. oopsy.)


laia. said...

man, you and your friends have a crazy embargo on all awesomeness in the city.
this is aces.

White Lightning said...

haaaa! my friends are way too talented, i tell ya.

isn't it SO AMAZING? brendan is insanely good.

sleepyhead said...

grizzly bear is one of my favorite bands! design is very, very bomb indeed. SICKNESS!

edgecakez said...

kind of need this immediately. how much do you think the international shipping would be?

brendan donnelly said...


i love you boo.

(tell them i said to put on aside for you)..they know who i am.

Anonymous said...

penry's is better!

brendan donnelly said...

penry's looks like my owl shirts i did back 4 years ago you fucking fag.

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog and wishing you a delightful New Year celebrations.....

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