caught in the undertow

i know this is somehow some special promotional converse bullshit but I DON'T CARE, I LOVE IT! (i don't like to post 2 youtubez in a row, but i HAVE to get this in your brain.)

i have been having one woman rock out dance parties in my living room to this for a couple weeks now but today i have it on a morning loop and i want to share the GOOD VIBEZ. cause who doesn't need that on a monday morning?

my drive thru
NERD / santogold / julian casablancas

ps julian, i still love you
pps santo, be my best friend
pppppppps julian, uh not sure if you heard me, i still love you. call me


laia. said...

this song is super rad and I'm still in love with Julian. Have you been by the 8th ave L stop recently? It's plastered in Converse advertising and everywhere I look there is Julian looking at me and then I hear his voice in my head being all "its summeeeeer in the CIIIIITYYYY" and i melt and die.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

me tooo.
santo es muy gold.

edgecakes said...

ohhh i likes

Haze said...

haha..me too! i love that song to death. although i kinda don't like hearing jules' voice (weirddd i know), because it makes me a bit sad

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