a dream for insomniacs

i woke up today and felt bored with summer clothes and sandals.
i felt like wearing my giant black chloe boots and SPOILER ALERT:

that's exactly what i did.

this skirt is the new tribal print at hipster gap..(blah, i am so weak.)
i mean, i guess it's a tube dress but uh...yeah. it's a high waisted skirt as far as i am concerned.
it comes in white too. it's pretty fucking boss.

these boots make me so tall and, i'm not gonna lie, mabes a little bit aggro.
they are also not what you turn to for the most superflattering leg line buuuut i kinda don't care? hope that's ok.


laia. said...


thats how amazing you look. AND THOSE BOOTS!! AAH!
i am totally digging that AA skirt. i gave up trying to fight it a long time ago. Hello my name is Laia and I enjoy wearing items from American Apparel.

White Lightning said...

thanks so much laia!!! i feel a teensy bit self-conscious, like tree trunk legs, but i also dont care bc i love wearing the boots.

get the skirt! it is a dress, really, for skinner sassier girls than me (that may very well be you) its so good as a skirt! like, high waisted and shtuff.

Anonymous said...

OMG I love those boots!!!
It's funny but every piece I've bought from AA I NEVER wear. Never. I bought these oversize tanks from them that I thought looked good but once I got them I realized they were just like dude tanks from walmart or something and returned them.
I do adore that skirt on you though.
I can't wait to go shopping with you all the time. Oh man.

Enfievre said...

you look killer in those boots.

Beverly said...

ugh! just tried those boots on today at neiman marcus last call in red. they were excluded from the sale and mega expensive...but still...sigh...i want!!!

White Lightning said...

dearest bev & enfievre:

my inbox shows me the lovely comments you've left on this post..but for some reason they aren't showing up??

well, thank you anyways

and jen:
yeah AA is werid, i def have some stuff that i look at now like, wtf was i thinking?? i realize the less generic the item the more interested i am. (besides the hi waisted pocket skirt that i adore)

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