hold the phone

i just realized that the AA afrika print that i have:

got me so jazzed cause it looks just like this marc by marc bubble skirt that i'm wearing today:

ya know, this thing:

remember this collection? F/W 2005.
i died a thousand deaths because i loved every single thing he sent down the runway.
i can't wait to see what i will be crying over for s/s09...


Anonymous said...

I loved that collection.

I know this is a REALLY random question, but where did you go to college? I'm a senior and I have college on the brain, it's literally taken over. So I've been asking everyone cool where they go. So lame, I know.

Tavi said...

anon-Carnegie Melon. I'M PSYCHIC.
And Elizabeth you MUST wear them together. That would be so raw. Please?

White Lightning said...

haaaahah tavi you tiny CLAIRVOYANT!

yes anon, true story: i attended carnegie mellon university in the lovely city of pittsburgh PA. my father's rule was that i was only allowed to go to art school if it was part of a university. so there you go. where are you thinking?

tavz i will totesss wear them together, just for you x

Tavi said...


tell me.

White Lightning said...

it means psychic, you goofball!

Tavi said...

Oh I see. Yes, that would be me.
I like this IM-over-comment thing we got going on here. It's pretty sweet.

leeselooks said...

love both.

especially the Africa print. I've lived in Africa ( cape town ) for the past 3.5 years... so I love how aa is putting this out there.

Beverly said...

Elizabeth! Thanks for reminding me
Marc by Marc Spring 04...Look 18.
Check it out, I dare you not to laugh...

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