i love to look

by now everyone is loving on the selby, no?
we're all voyeurs, let's not lie, it's unbecoming.

well, in the past two days 2 friends have popped up and as usual, it's addictive and looks amazing.

the beautiful and unbelievably cool miss aya kanai (and her dad!)
epic stylist, awesome girl, teen vogue editor..yay aya !

and today:
mr derrick cruz, of black sheep & prodigal sons
an insanely talented, smart and supercool bro.

photos by todd selby hence the name theselby.com duhhhh


emilie said...

ahh! i just did a post on the Kanais and the townhouse yesterday!

gnarlitude jen said...

Oh rad I was stoked when he told me he was going to Derrick's. His place is amazing.
BTW there are LOTS of really cool places coming up too.

Jade said...

aghhh i love the selby. makes me wanna move apartments so badly.

Battle said...

Judi's is bananas.

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