i see my future

when i wear certain outfits dave and brendan love to call me wacky aunt.
you know, the one that has young lovers and giant jewelry and helps you make cornhusk dolls and has a hammock in her living room. it may very well be my future.
(i prefer to think i'm like my grandma. she lived uptown, was an art teacher, and had an apartment that i loved. she had an enormous fishbowl full of MET buttons and the walls were full of art and she had so much STUFF. and she took me to a museum every saturday when i was little)

me + my apartment = one way ticket to crazy art teacherville. i like it!

this vintage hawaiian tunic thing cost me 5 dollars and i have been dying to wear it.
the colors are so intense. it got me goofy co-worker comments all day long (welcome to my life)

so much stuff everywhere. my grandma made the wood sculpture (it's kind of a cubist violin?) and the tree print with the yellow stripes was in her house as long as i could remember. it was the one thing i wanted after she died, it fascinated me my whole childhood (she explained it to me like this: "it's just art!". oh, thanks granny!)

that locket is empty...sad!

crazy aunts love michael scott.

this black marc jacobs bell skirt was originally tbonz's (crazy aunt #2). i appropriated it in like, 2004. i am pretty sure there is a sartorial bylaw of possession that says it's fully mine by now. (i want it remade in like 9 different fabrics. anyone have a cheap amazing tailor to recommend?)

this is a print my sister made when she was at risd. it's one of my most favorite things EVER.
totes hugo guinness steez! dave wants it so bad, i have promised to leave it to him in my will. (i guess i'm going first). he called tbonz tonight and commissioned a piece for himself, stay tuned to see what he gets.

you kids behave!


brendan donnelly said...


(it's ok, i'm the shady uncle trying to get back on his feet.)
see ya in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the xylophone on your wall a while ago- I think it's a BRILLIANT idea!

laia. said...

I am obsessed with looking at interiors (this is my first year NOT moving so I've decided it's time to make my place into a home, aww)

seriously seriously rad, i am saving some of these into my "inspiration" folder.

T-Bonz said...

1 - Sadly, yes, through said lending laws that skirt does now belong to you. THAT BEING SAID, that makes that Hot pink and orange cuckoo bananas HAwaiian dress mine alllll mine. Sweet trade, meng.
2 - That dude totally ganked my style of making prints of nonsense. I have an idea for David's piece that should just the right mix on nonsense and disturbia for his re-decorating projects.
3 - In addition to that cuckoo print, MY inheritance from our AMAZING grandmother? Lamoje drug jars that say Cocaine, Marijuana, and Morphine. If you are wondering why your grandmother wasn't like ours, you should be wishing - she was in-fucking-credible. Even when she curled your hair with newspaper instead of foam rollers.

White Lightning said...

so true, teens. you did get the sweet narcotics canisters.

it's LIMOGES, you goofball.

oh god. newspaper curlers.

a.strange.girl said...


Love it!

Can I have your Urban outfitters curtin!?!?


sleepyhead said...

bananas! is that a horsie head i see? explanation, please!

White Lightning said...

thanks thanks thanks gals!!!

the horse head is a lamp i got on ebay a few years ago. i have SO MANY LAMPS in such a SMALL SPACE that he just hangs out as a sculpture. although maybe now's his time to shine (eww! terrrrible pun)...

all my curtains are from urban outfitters, either as real curtains or those 'coverlet' sheets they sell.....i highly recomend them. you can either sew a super simple channel for a rod, or buy those rings that have clips on them (there are cool wooden ones) and you dont hafta sew jack. do it!

Isabel said...

I love the idea of a wacky aunt-can I have one? Your blog is epic and witty. I love it!

Stephanie said...

Ugh please give me your house, that is basically my dream room! I wanted my room to be wacky aunt-like but it looks more like someone got really pissed at Ikea and messed up their model bedrooms or something. Your grandma sounds awesome, too.

KATLIN said...

I love that corner picture with all the art on the walls and the shelves! Very inspiring pictures!

Enfievre said...

White Lights! Tis the post Ive been waiting for! Thanks!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

word up to crazy aunt-ville. i mostly get sexpot granny. it's one of my very favorite things to be called. grandmas are the inspiration to live by..and i hafta say, indeed more interior shots..it's uber lame that i haven't been there. perhaps i need to come over and do some logging and blogging from the inside out.
sad we missed manhattanville but perhaps we will have a rain date and watch it at your place in september.
also yes indeed to your no bardot on a bad day. she's insane and make us all look like droopy trolls.
i don't even want to ever watch her when i'm with boyfriends--call it insecurity or wiseness..hmm.
p.s. you going to q-ogue this weekend for croquet??

brodie said...

so put on your saris, it's time to celebrate Diwali. everybody looks so jolly...but it's not Christmas, it's Diwali.

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