i will never be your friend either, lo! you broke my heart!

i have to declare, with the heaviest of hearts, that LO is an ASSHOLE.

i said it.
this hurts me more than it hurts you, i swear.

i used to LOve her.
now i LOathe her.
(i am cracking myself up right now IF YOU WERE WONDERING)

she and spencer should have a torrid affair. and produce the spawn of satan.

in other news:


audrina, your friends blew my mind.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha totally thought the same when I saw Audrina's friends! She's totally different from LC and Lo, like a rebel in nice outfits.

Anyway, I got to your blog through the article you wrote in NYT, very cool. I'm so jealous at the amount of information kids grow up with these days, to think I became a journalist to get to know things earlier! haha who would have known...

And a particular sentence hurt: "the ’90s — a fascinating decade to most of these girls since that’s when they were born." Auch, even if I was a teenager in the 90s, it still sounds funny to hear that as an ancient decade!

cheers from an ending winter in BA, Arg!

sleepyhead said...

i've always hated lo, i never liked her prissy little face from the beginning. and wtf is she talking about that audrina never reciprocates the effort? bitch please, you're trying to ride on LC's coattails.

deedoubleyou said...

hahaha you are hilarious. i love your blog and read it all the time. im sure people say this to you all the time but i think we totally have the exact same sense of humour. ie. the LO puns. awesome. i LOled (oh man sorry)

anyway. just wanted to say that!! i will continue to read. daily.

White Lightning said...

paula, thank you! i knowwww, i think i am so fascinated by steph, arabelle, et al because i wonder what i would have done if i'd had these outlets 15 years ago when i was their age (eww! 15 years ago?!?).

sleepz: i used to love her, she seemed actually NORMAL and sane for a while. i'm disappointed!

miss doubledee, thank you very much! do we? i don't get that a lot and since i find myself HILARIOUS then you must be too. i like your headband-y hair things on your blog!!

Enfievre said...

i hated lo from her laguna days, her relationship with lauren always seemed so fake and boring to me. i hope they kick her to the curb. and seriously, i felt the same way about her friends. amazing.

choochick said...

Audrina is the shiiiiit... she rocks, with her melow energy. Lo is soooooo lame and boring and please don't let it break your heart to finally see that. She is exposed - finally!

Krys said...

i used to love lo, too. i wonder what happened to her when she left laguna, lol

April said...

hahah i loved her SO MUCH in laguna beach...and despite her newly bitchy bitchiness, i still kinda love her O.o

nostyleboys said...

lo is the major biznatch


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