if loving you is wrong i so do NOT want to be right

12 days and counting.


Unknown said...

i am SO excited for gossip girl.
ahhh i cant contain myself!

makemoremistakes said...

oh UM ed westwick and i made eye contact the other day, while he was filming gossip girl outside of the restaurant I work in. LOVE HIM. WANT TO JUMP HIM. and if he wouldn't have been glaring absurdly at my fangirl face i totz would have.

K said...

ah i wonder when they start showing gossip girl in the uk again?!?!! i can't wait long, esp as i know blogs are going to start posting photos of all the amazing outfits and it's gona make me sad i can't watch them for myself!!! i LOVE chuck too *sighs*

Alyssa said...

I want to tear that bowtie off with my teeth.


(Oh, and Gossip Girl is basically why I value my life. :P)

White Lightning said...

its all so much love for one small(ish) dude. althoguh, gals, i do beielve he is a homer-sensual. but WHO CARES. still. must. attack.

11 days!

April said...

eeeee i can't wait for September first!

Anonymous said...

i got to see the first three episodes as screeners in my office and i must say....AMAZING!

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