is this thing on?

forgive me bloggas, for i have sinned. its been DAYS since my last posting, what in the what !

i apologize, but sometimes LIFE gets in the way (i KNOW! so RUDE!).
i promise to be back in full looneytunes steez tomorrow.

until then check this out.
i saw this a few blocks from my house yesterday and it was really so so exciting (i had no one to share it with, so i took a picture to share with ALL OF YOU)

the new walkmen album came out last tuesday!
the one that i designed!
i love the actual packaging itself but it is pretttttttty cool to see something you did kinda giant-sized and out in the world. and next to hip hop paste-ups.

sidenote, the record is great. (oh, um, hi, pitchfork best new music, anyone?)

i am OBSESSED with the song 'in the new year'..LOVE IT!

i saw them play a sold out show at bowery last week and i don't care if they are my friends, the shit is good.

til later lovelies,


edgecakes said...

so shweet! you need to steal one of them thangs! just cause

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

congratulations lady!!!!!
super duper jazzy.
so proud!!
can't wait to come back to nyc and see it in real time!

p.s. now that you are a billboard graphic designer, can you help me make a besosyfotos topper for my page..every time i open wL, i get jealous and feel like a tard..i tried to make one the other day. and let me tell you, it was laughable. my photoshop skills are el pitso.
no rush, just sometime this fall perhaps??xx

laia. said...

did you see that they performed on good day new york or one of those morning shows this week!
I always get so psyched for them. I hold them in the highest regards.

Ryan said...

My friend and I highlighted this album cover as one of the best in recent memory, and she found this link! Bravo, the font treatment is A+!

ohsarah said...

i love the design!
and i'm sooo excited because they're actually coming to little ol' tallahassee this fall!


elizabeth said...

thanks everyone! get the record, you will like it!!

louisita of COURSE i'll help you guapa. when will i see you againn???!!!! are you back?

rachael said...

my favorite part of the cover is the 'e's. yay yay yay yay

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