it's all happening

i have been dying to mention this for FOREVZZ, and finally i can.

this weekend our (kinda huge) women's fashion issue comes out, and i have an ARTICLE in it.
yeah, i know.whaaaa? well, I DO ! (score one for the ART DEPARTMENT)

it's just a little story about the incredible epicness that is teenage bloggers. and how i love them. i worked on it back in MAY, it seems like a hundred years ago now!

i love all of you gals out there and all of your epic blogs but i have a little special place in my heart for the teenage girls who blow my mind on the REGZ with their smart smart funny articulate creative supercool opinions / outfits / twist on fashion. i rave about you all daily, really.

there is only so much you can fit in this small space and so much of my superlove had to be cut, but i have to say a mega thank you especially to tavi, stephanie and arabelle for first of all being the inspiration for the piece and also just taking time to talk and write to me. (and also 1234 who let us use one of her photos..it's so perfect for the theme, no?)

it's already online here, but i always prefer printed matter...T will be in the sunday new york times, so please go buy one if you are so inclined!

and with that i am outieeee for a few days, a weekend jaunt with the boyfriend.

bon weekend, you guys!

heartz n heartz


laia. said...

thanks for the heads up on when the issue comes out!

sleepyhead said...

pretty cool stuff!

have fun this weekend.

Enfievre said...

yes for you!

..... said...

wicked program

1234 said...

YAY! congrats on the article. haha i almost forgot until someone told me on the blog. i must find a way to get the issue somehow!! thanks for choosing my pic!

1234 said...

ps can i use your photo on my blog?

Stephanie said...

Oh man, thank you! The article is fantastic. I can't believe I'm being featured in an actual magazine! I am being uncharacteristicly enthusiastic here (exclamation points every sentence?) but seriously, THANK YOU!!

Unknown said...

xD muahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading it right now... awesome, yeah!

Tavi said...

:D Oh my God, thank you sosososo much Eelizerrbeth! Seriously. I less than three you with all my <3. Thank you again. Can't say that enough.
But I was really happy with the issue itself! The "well" (hmmm, who did I learn that supersmart fashion term from?)...up on my bedroom wall you go, little eds.

Anonymous said...

This is a well deserved article. These young ladies definitely earned some respect.. Very well written Elizabeth so congratulations to you and your first article and to all the YFB's.

WendyB said...

Congrats! This was very well done.

Style On Track said...

Fantastic, I am in love with the cover and I'm sure your article is fantastic based on reading through your great blog :) I'll be sure to pick up a copy if I can in Australia

Fashion Tidbits said...

it was a great article! congrats!

leeselooks said...

what a wonderful insider view into the young generation of blogging.

so fascinating + extremely well written.

I absolutely loved it.

I just started a blog...so all of this is so new to me.

Thanks for sharing this and congrats on the success.

kirsty lee said...

such a great article - and not just because i get a mention! - i'm so glad that these amazing young bloggers are getting so much recognition.

i'm going to link to the article on my blog when i finally get round to it. will let you know.

hard liquor; soft holes said...


White Lightning said...

hey hey heyyy!!!

thank you so SO very much everyone, really.

i love you girls! hearts hearts hearts all around. x

the gmh. said...

Fuck yah!

edgecakez said...

ohhh! send me a copy! good times bo!

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