it's black & white like space at night

i am so giddy today !
i felt fall breezes comin through my window this morning and my heart felt HAPPY.
fall means tights and coats and layers and toddys and turkey and red leaves and my birthday.
all good things! yaaaay exclamation points!

the tights!

that bonkers marc by marc overallsdressthing !

rat's nest! haircut next week, thank you jesus

bananas! cuz i am.


Tavi said...

You wore the bananas the day we partied at your office! Not like I memorized every single detail to your outfit and freckle on your face or anything...cough cough. Cute outfit mz. bonkerz!

Anonymous said...

Those tights are incredible. As are the bananas.

Anonymous said...

such a killer outfit.
btw i get in the 5th at 2pm!

Jaclyn said...

Those tights are so cool!

emily said...

i just ordered copycatz of those fabulous chanel tights on UO.com

Enfievre said...

bonkerz and amazing! cant wait to see more of the tights.

laia. said...

dear god, woman!
i love ittttt

sleepyhead said...

holy shizz. top 3 of all WL time, def. the banana pin just melts my heart.

so salty over your tights! they look fabulous on.

Phone with a Cord said...

Love the shoes. fabulous banana broach!

leeselooks said...

those tights. love them.

that banana is lovely.

White Lightning said...


you guys !

thank you thank youuuuu!!
i was totally like, skipping down the street (dangerous for ME the klutz in those shoez) because i was all loving on my own outfit yesterday..such a nerd. haaa.


Isabel said...

Yay for bananas!

Unknown said...

i have been DREAMING about those chanel tights! I need them in my life NOW.

edgecakez said...

yayyyy for fall and bananas and special tights and great outfits and thangs! xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

sooo... yes to the banana clip and a yes for the overdress, give a huge HELL YES to those tightsies, another yes for the wood clompers, and yeah... I'd say all around YES! YES! YES! And also, can I borrow those tights? Promise I'll be careful!

Vancouverista said...

holy shit
those tights

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