it's that time again?

oh, august.
you sweaty, sweaty, nasty minx.

you are really kind of good for nothin EXCEPT...SEPTEMBER ISSUES!
the backbreakerz of the publishing world- ya know, 14,000 page vogues that make you feel bad cuz you remember that you never tip your mailman (oopsy!) ?

the september teen V is out....oh, what's this?

photo by david black! heyyy nowwwwww, someone's makin YEN.
that is one of the girls from the documentary american teen which i am dyingggg to see.

it came with one of those 'fashion rocks' supplements which was whatever except for 2 major thangs:

1. george harrison's son dhani is so freakishly his doppelganger that it's a little creepy:

i mean, whaaaaat.
and by CREEPY i mean HOT because george is my throbtastically fave beatle. dang.

2. mark. ronson. shot by terry richardson.

hiiii mark. hi. hi there. call me?

ps, that's my philip lim skirt beneath that portrait of my man. i wore it monday.
late that night i was walking home and some dude yelled "yo, come back, i need some tinfoil."

what, you never seen a girl in metallic flounce before?


T-Bonz said...

Dhani went to Brown, I think. If I remember correctly many a loser made it a goal to befriend Beatle offspring.

roxanne said...

'tinfoil' is not even close to a sufficient description for the beauty of that fabric.

makemoremistakes said...

I believe that you and i are neighbors. If I had any motivation/knew where you lived exactly I would bring you something nice, like a fruit cake, or a quiche or something, but having neither of the latter I believe I won't.

Anyway. Go Louisada Ave.


edgecakez said...

was it girlwatcher? you know he has an eye for fashion.

emily said...

AHHH! i got that fashion rocks that i have those two spreads ripped out and hanging on my wall! jessica stam and sasha pivovarova are two of my favoritest modelz evah, and terry richardson is off the chain, and the beatles rock my socks.

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