like i needed any encouragement...

christine, she of the fringe necklaces and epic bangs, was in new york visiting from spain and brought me the most perfect gift EVERRR!

neon keds !

they are retina-searing. love it.

where's waldo?


sleepyhead said...

i never tire of your love for neons and brights.

ps, the no laces is kinda dope as well.

July Stars said...

Love the fluorescent green keds but what's with the mess everywhere?
And the fake Chanel/Pierre Hardy outfit in the previous post? AMAZING

elizabeth said...

"mess" ?
i'm confused. that's my house!!! haa.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

too hilarious my babe of blogtown twin..i am buying these in so many colors tomorrow, i've been eye spying them in windows all week.
que viva!

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