mon dieu

um, hey everyone
so...i'm sorta going through a bit of a bummer of a situation right now?
it's really hard for me but i'll just say it..

i lost my remote control.




how does someone accomplish this?
perhaps when you have the lavish opulent life that affords you things like MULTIPLE ROOMS you could maybe POSSIBLY do something like this.

but for me, in this refrigerator box of a dwelling, to have something COMPLETELY VANISH FROM SIGHT is quite insane.

i have a few theories:

1. al qaeda
2. i accidentally threw it away 2 weeks ago in the epic cleaning fit of summer 08.
3. wild dingoes

i am investigating thoroughly.
please stay tuned for a dossier of my findings.
until then (or until i can find a way to get to the fucking time warner store thing on 23rd & park which seems like 90 miles away)..i cannot watch ANYTHING ON MY DVR.

that means NO HILLS from monday!
and unless i watch proj & shearj LIVE tonight (or have a lovely lady or handsome lad invite me over for a viewing) i am FUCKED. this will not do.
let's not even discuss the possibility of monday and the gossip girl premiere.

ballz. where's that personal assistant when you really need it?


edgecakes said...

having seen your apt (tho not in awhile, but can IMAGINE) i do see how this is possible. why don't you check in your SHOE PILE. think that could be a START.

Glamouricious said...

lol. this post made me lol and smile.

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