an octupus's garden

the epic rain made my been-waiting-for-weeks plans of an outdoor viewing of woody allen's manhattan too soggy of an option. sadface.

but you can't be too bummed when these two yahoos are waiting for you after work:

dave and ivan wasted time terrorizing the muji staff while i finished my day of toiling.
it's funny when dave has a beard and ivan does not.

nice chest hair, bros. ladies, please, try to control yourselves.


laia. said...

how yous doin?

Unknown said...

i want a job now.

MrAJennings said...


brendan donnelly said...

they look homeless. can you photoshop me in the picture? i'll be with my mens shelter buddies in no time.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

let's try again in the fall...watching manhattan, while drinking manhattans. whiskey and woody...seems about right.

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