ok, now i'm maybe losing it a little.

some recent acquisitions:

it's a coat? it's a dress? it's a kite? i have no idea. it's totes shaped like a kite. (so flattering! ha)
it's basically h&m's vibe on this kind of a scene:

ysl/proenza schouler

i like it like a dress. with tights and any all the shoes and boots my leetle pink and shining heart desirez.
oh and yeah. those shoes are new too.

cut out oxfords! i mean, whaaaaat. they have a teeny heel.
i got them at edith machinist which is amazingly edited but outrageously OVERPRICED. these were in the summer sale section and i found them to be worth 35 bucks. so sue me.

so now i am officially a disgusting person.
steve and i went thriftin on long island yesterday (post to come) and i totally bought 9 million things. ew!


hard liquor; soft holes said...

so much to post! blog twinz.

laia. said...

that color is perfection!

i love the shoes too, i go into that store sometimes but always end up so grossed out at the prices, i have to scoff and leave.
i didnt even KNOW they had sales!

party pooper said...

i heard from steve you guys went to northern thrift (is that creepy?). i'm very jealous. i hope you also got some slurpees from the 7-11 across the parking lot, that's part of the treat of n.t.

WendyB said...

Great shoes.

fashion herald said...

wear it as a dress, love it!

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