ok, so maybe i fell asleep a few times.

this weekend the boyf and i finished watching 800 million hours of this documentary "all you need is love" - a history of pop music that was on the bbc in the 70's.

it's pretty fucking epic, to say the least.

what i loved the most was that all of the interviews and performance footage was pretty much stuff i'd never seen, even when it came time for the beatles, tina turner, etc. it wasn't the same old stuff you see trotted out.

1. EVERYONE smoked in every interview. everyone.

2. lester bangs is in interviewed pretty extensively in the last couple discs and SPOILER ALERT: he hates everything. (that was one of my fave parts!)

obvs, the last 2 discs were my fave, 60s & 70s, beatles, stones, janis, etc etc etc etc ETC.

it reminded me how much i love this song:

i was desperately wishing for a time machine.
all i want is ONE DAY in the sixties.
michael too except he says that we would be into tooootallly different scenes; he would be in a tiny suit all buttoned up, in a jazz club and i would be in a crocheted bikini top and huge bell-bottoms hanging out with janis in my VW bus drinking soco out of the bottle.
i told him we would meet in a record store when we went to buy sgt. pepper and i would lure him to my sweet vee-dubz bus of love and take him to monterey pop with me.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. That story of you two in the 60's is so adorable. My boyf and I do that sometimes except we are 60's bikers doing nothing but riding motos, playing in a band and doing the best drugs. Why why why doesn't anyone look as good as they did back then? It kills me.
I love that you just posted an Animals vid as well. Could listen to them for days.
BTW this should come as no surprise but I love Lester Bangs.

Anonymous said...

P.S. how awesome is this...

White Lightning said...

jen you HAVE to rent this, seriously. even to just watch the last 2 discs because it is a lester bangfest (oooh dirty!) he is so funny and ornery and ...kinda attractive? but i love an ornery nerd, so maybe i am twisted.

ps, that was not a shocker at all

hard liquor; soft holes said...

my friend brody did a parody cover of that song but redid the lyrics to something about allen iverson. meatus murder forever! http://fetusfervor.info/Tunes.htm

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