images out for CDG for H&M !

crazy lacey dresstown!

ummm yes i will take that, and that, and that.....

i have to say, i was hoping for the reds and pinks and cut-outs of her runway collection...ah well.

the RUMOURS (oooh british spellingz!) abound:

it will only be sold in 4 stores!

it costs $450 !

who KNOWS what's true or not, it's still exciting...

pics from TFS, heads up from chris!! thanks!


Lopi said...

I hate the colab thing! It's just to piss us of: we will either have to go through the mayhem of the shopfloor battle or we will have to pay ten times more on Ebay.
What's the f@*!ng point?
Pull and Bear all the way! And without collaborations needed, thank you very much.

Unknown said...

ohmyfdfsfsdfdf. i totally forgot to post about this. i fail.

that dress.... is... fantastic. if the rumors are true i'll die though.

Anonymous said...

ohh wow, this is the first pictures?!?!?! where did ou get them from, is it a catalogue?

T-Bonz said...

So you starred the mom bloomers as a yes? Bold.

Tavi said...

The price and limited stock makes me want to cry. And maybe hurt Rei Kawakubo, though I never thought I'd say that.

Tavi said...

How evil that its only 4 stores. And so expensive.
I just died.

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