only a very special kind of assface doesn't know anything about the beatles.

i could listen to tim gunn talk about skorts all. day. long.

it's a perfect word for his, shall we say, unique accent?

sidenote, why is funny when you have to explain these things to boys?
like "uh, wtf is a SKORT?" and you're like, oh, um it's a perfectly sensible garment wherein you have a SKIRT in FRONT but SHORTS in the BACK. ya know, like a SPORK for your ASS.

i hate you:

remember in 'i know what you did last summer' when the killer fisherman locks that girl in her tanning bed to fry to death? no? oh...uh..yeah. me neither. i've never seen that movie a hundred times.


sleepyhead said...

he's older than me and even i know sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band! UGH, frustrated to the nth degree. for realz.

also, jennifer's design? for the olympics? blech. maybe for a tea party, it was def cute but not for athletes.

Andrea Eames said...

Haha, I couldn't believe Agent Orange (aka Blayne) didn't know about Sgt. Pepper! Perhaps his brain has been cooked by all the tanning.

isabella whitney said...

ew, i hate him too.

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