the perks to working by the port authority

once again, the call of 8th avenue FASHINZ was too much to bear...dolla bill jangle and giant scorpion were getting lonely.

ladies and bros, i present to you the most retardedly epic piece of jewelry evz:

um..fake diamond encrusted ipod?

it's almost too good to take out of the box.
i obviously need everything in the 'hiphop collection'.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

can you put a picture of yourself behind it? or a picture of evan dando?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

good question steve!!
you and j. garafalo hugging dando..hmm.

i love you for loving street jewelry as much as i do..this is really awesomesauce indeed.

seems like, a shopaholics work is never done.

sleepyhead said...

haha, this is freaking awesome! you find the most outrageous things.

kirsty lee said...

this is beyond amazing. can you fit an actual ipod inside? am i being stupid??

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