please don't let those robots defeat me

maybe this is weird, maybe not...
but i feel like me and my bffs discuss samantha ronson a lot?
like, we all secretly wish we could dress like a dude in tight jeans and giant dunks but be a girl and she is kind of HOT like a hot boy, like shane on the L word and then you're like wait now my head hurts, what in the what...but like NOW, she cut her hair and it's brown and she looks just like her BROTHER, my TRUE LOVE MARK RONSON, and now i am def all confused.

i sort of have a mayj crush.
lindsay, please don't hunt me down and kill me.


laia. said...

i love her.

and everytime I wore my hat earlier this summer I'd think "DEAR GOD I LOOK LIKE SAMRON" but I didnt mind.

she is totally making me want to cut my hair super short though...

sleepyhead said...

haha, i am oddly attracted to her as well. if i liked the girlies i'd make a beeline for sam.

WendyB said...

Lindsay will beat your ass! She's a jealous one ;-)

edgecakez said...

yes, yes and yes. especially with this new haircut. we have discussed this. i seriously have girlcrush. and somehow, makes me hate the lohan less that she is a les. why is that? even tho she is way busted and has zero style. also, i love to wear hightop situations like this and indulge in my samron lesbi love affair.

makemoremistakes said...

AAAHHH I love you and totallllly agree. Like Shane on the L word. AND like Mark Ronson. Major gender bending hotness whoooo.

Emily Sher said...


is that too much?

Lucy said...

ye-ah Shane from the l word is wicked hot.

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