carlen and i had a ladydate on saturday afternoon.

on a whim, we went to see american teen.

movie food makes carlen sad!

it made me sad too. it cost approxiamtely 9 million dollars to have sno-caps and a soft pretzel filled with pizza (AMERICA!)

this boy in the movie made us unsad...

...until he broke up with someone over text message because his friends didn't really get her.

ew, mitch!
we were so into you.

the movie was just as my friend mickey described it: "basically like the best episode of 'true life' ever". i watch so much teen drama- fictional and "reality"- that it all kinda mushes together. BUT... i totally enjoyed it.

that said, i would never go back to high school for all the money in the world.
i mean, high school was fine for me for the most part but fuuuuuck, parts of this movie just squished up my little black heart. see it! well ok, you could wait fer netflix.

oh, beeeeeteedubz?
carlen makes jewish rosaries, or did you know that already?
this is a terrible photo i took, but they are really beautiful necklaces !
i consider myself an honorary jewess and so i am going to get one.

as she says:
"MODELS OF Jewish Rosaries(TM) INCLUDE:

i think you want one.


Isabel said...

As a legitimate half-Jew, I'd better be "allowed" to wear one of these things. They're damn cool!

brendan donnelly said...

jesus christ...

2 girls + 1 sad movie + bdonns not there to rip on you guys = i'm jealous.

(who the receiver of the "pop corn" trick)

Kylie said...

I really want to see that movie as well .
Ah, I love those necklaces, there so pretty!

Stefanie said...

not to seem easily influenced but I TOTES DO WANT ONE.
I've been searching for the perfect long chain/star of david combo forever. But I'm even too cheap for the street vendors. Is that sacrilegious? omg it totally is

HuyenPham said...

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